God’s ‘Sweet Spot’

February 4, 2013

The ‘sweet spot’ on a golf club or baseball bat is that place where you find the most power when you hit the ball. Every avid golfer, and baseball player, strives to find that ‘sweet spot’ when they are playing because they know it will give them maximum impact in their hitting. All of us as leaders want maximum impact in our leadership. We want to be bold, visionary, caring leaders who are directing our organizations toward growth and vitality.

In similar manner, we too, deeply desire to find God’s ‘sweet spot’ in our ministries and leadership styles. God’s ‘sweet spot’ refers to those places where we feel our personality, skill set, leadership abilities, and influence is at it’s maximum impact. I believe there are those specific places where God can place us–and we feel effective, energized, and fruitful in our labors. It is like finding that ‘sweet spot’ where God’s power is released in our ministries and people’s lives are changed! There’s no greater feeling for a leader than leading with passion, energy, and vision and feeling like you are ‘in the zone’!

I hope you will be about finding God’s ‘sweet spot’ for your ministry–where you will be most effective for Jesus! Not only will you be blessed in that place, but many others will also be blessed by the energized leadership you will be giving!

“for a wide door for effective service has opened for me…” 1 Corinthians 16:9


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