A Silent Influence

March 5, 2013

Many years ago, Francis Thompson, wrote a poem with this line, “The innocent moon, which nothing does but shine, moves all the laboring surges of the world.” We often take the moon for granted. It has no light of it’s own, it merely reflects the light of a greater heavenly body in our universe. Many would say that the moon has little, or no, significance. However, the moon quietly and silently bears influence on the great oceans of our world by it’s gravitational pull. Every day it bears a silent ifluence upon our earth.

How many persons live their lives every day, with no “fan fare”, or “hoopla”, yet are bearing an influence for Christ by the way they live their lives? Maybe, many of them feel as if they are insignificant, or unimportant, in the influence they carry. They may think, “What impact am I making?” Their picture may never appear on a magazine cover, or their name in a newspaper article, yet every day they are making a difference for the Kingdom of God! Do not be dismayed, dear friend, if you feel your life is unnoticed and unappreciated. Your silent influence is being felt! God needs all of His children to be witnesses for Him! God calls you to faithfulness! That’s what counts!!!

Some believers are given “out in front” positions of leadership and service where many see what they do. Others, work more behind the scenes lending their expertise and talent. It matters not where we serve, or how loud we are–what matters is that we are bearing fruit for Jesus Christ and seeing lives changed!
What kind of influence do you bear? Are you letting your light shine for Jesus? YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE EVERY DAY BY LIVING YOUR LIFE FOR JESUS CHRIST!!!

“In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.” Matthew 5:16 NLT


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